Tiger Woods is ranked the #1 golfer in the world based on results.
The Dream Swing trainer has PROVEN to be the #1 golf swing trainer
based on results.
A compass guides and forces a pencil to travel in a perfect circle.
The Dream Swing trainer is a compass for the golf swing
It sets up and adjusts to guide and force the arms, hands and club to travel on a
             perfect swing plane for every golfer in the family.
Dream Swing Videos
The Dream Swing trainer promotes proper posture.  
 If you are set up wrong, you can't swing it right.
The purple line is the shaft plane, the yellow line is the shoulder plane.
As the golfer takes the club away, his hands go right up the plane line.    
At the top of the back swing, the left arm elevates to the shoulder plane,
                          the right elbow to the shaft plane
On the downswing, the club drops back to the shaft plane.
On-plane at impact.
In the follow through, the club elevates exactly to the shoulder plane.
As the golfer gets into the finish position, you see the club finishing exactlyparallel to the swing plane lines in a
perfect position. As you can see, the Dream Swing trainer teaches the perfect swing. You can have that swing if   
                                                                 you practice regularly on the Dream Swing.
With the golf club connected into the Dream Swing trainer and a light connected to the clubhead,         
you're able to see the path the clubhead follows throughout the entire swing.
Make a decision now to start playing your best golf!
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By repeating the golf swing motion in the Dream Swing trainer, your mind will automatically
become programmed with the feeling of a more correct swing without having to think about it.
It's the world's best golf swing trainer.