BEST TIP: Play ball far enough away to
get full extension.

Aim clubface first. Then align your body.

At address, your hands should be about four inches
from your thighs.

Keep your head up.

Bend forward from the hips about 33 degrees and tilt
body toward right at address.

Let your arms hang naturally.

Elbows should be bent slightly inward at address.

Keep your chin up. Maintain minimal knee bend.

Keep right knee flexed and stable. Don’t let it slide or
straighten throughout swing.

For drives, set up with 80% of weight on right foot.

Make sure the ball is not too far forward. For drives, it
should be at a point below left shoulder.

Position ball under the logo on your shirt.

Play ball far enough away from body to get full

The longer the club, the more the left foot should be
flared out – from perpendicular for short irons to 45
degrees for the driver.
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The Hogan foot position is preferred
by many good players.  This has the
right foot square to the line and the
left foot turned toward the target a
few inches.  The advantage of this is
that the square right foot helps
shorten a too-long backswing, and
the slanted left foot helps to make a
full weight shift and follow-through. --
From Harvey Penick's Little Red Book
If you setup to the ball poorly, you’ll
hit a lousy shot even if you make the
greatest swing in the world." --
Jack Nicklaus