PROBLEM: Hitting behind the ball or too high on
the  ball.

This is often caused by swaying during the swing.  Any side-
to-side or up and down head movement should be avoided.

To get the right feel, hit some practice shots with feet together.

During your weight shift, concentrate on keeping the weight
on your right foot on the inside of your foot.

Check your progress by taking practice swings with sun
behind you and watching your shadow.

Don’t let the clubface get ahead of your hands at impact.

To avoid hitting chips and pitches fat:

Don’t sole the club at address.

Use an open, narrow stance.

Keep arms connected to chest and rotate   body rather than
sliding hips laterally and jabbing at the ball with your hands.

Focus eyes on front of ball, with weight on front foot and wrists
ahead of ball at address and through impact.

Be sure to make a complete follow-through.
There are a number of possible reasons for hitting behind the ball.  If you are not shifting your weight
properly on the downswing, from the back leg to the front leg, your swing will bottom out before the
club gets to the ball. Also, if you do not keep your head steady, you do not know where your swing will
bottom out. Also, if you do not keep your leading arm reasonably straight, the arc of your swing will
vary, so you can improve your consistency by focusing on these 3 areas.  Richard Myers
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Hitting the ground before the ball, or "fat shots" is a very common problem that can lead to injury.  Proper weight shift is
important and keeping your right shoulder back on the downswing (opposite for left handers) is crucial. There is a
tendency to throw the right shoulder ahead as you come down creating an outside in steep club path. Focus on
swinging more around your body to remedy this. A good drill is to strap your upper arms to your body and hit balls. This
makes it impossible to throw the shoulder forward.  Don't forget to accelerate through the ball. When you slow down at
the bottom of your swing, you will hit it fat every time. Sean Harder