BEST TIP:  Don't squeeze the
toothpaste out of the tube.

Your grip should be in the fingers of both hands,
not the palms.

Most of the grip pressure should be felt in the last
three fingers of your left hand. There is much less
pressure in the right hand. There should be no
pressure at all in the thumb and forefinger of the
right hand.

Keep your overall grip pressure light. Don't
"squeeze the toothpaste out of the tube."

Make sure your grip is strong enough, with both V's
pointing over your right shoulder.

A strong left hand grip produces solid shots.

Keep hands close together.

For low ball flight, keep grip pressure firm
throughout swing.

To promote a fade, keep left grip firm and right grip

When putting, keep palms facing each other.

For better accuracy when putting, make both V's in
your grip point to your chin.

To avoid trouble on the right, strengthen your grip.

To avoid trouble on the left, weaken your grip.
Tom's Golf Tips
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reason is your    hands are the only
parts of your body touching the club
the whole time you the club face.
Make sure you're holding the club
more in your fingers of your top hand
than in your palm. This may feel
uncomfortable at the beginning, but it
will soon feel better and will also
help you control the club face so you
can hit straighter shots.
Lori Randle
Grip Under Pad For More Control
An incorrect left hand grip results in a sloppy hold on the club at the top of the backswing,
which in turn causes misdirected shots.  When you let go with the left hand at the top,
clubface alignment and clubhead path and causing inaccuracy.
A correct left hand grip has the club running diagonally just above the roots of the fingers
and resting just below the heel pad of the hand.  When you fold your hand over the club,
it should anchor snugly below the pad.  When the club rests too high on the heel pad,
your control is reduced.  Richard Myers
Gripping the club too long can cause many swing ailments.  If the butt end of the club
presses into the heel pad of your left hand, you may lose control of the club at the top of
your backswing.  This can cause you to re-grip the club on your downswing and slow the
This will create confidence and lower your score.

You should grip the club about as hard as you would  grip an egg.  Grasp too hard and
you'll lose all of your feel-and essential part of the game.  Richard Myers