PROBLEM: On wood shots,the heel
of the club, rather than the club
face, makes contact with the ball,
resulting in a miserable-looking
ground ball to the extreme left.

This can result from your weight being too far
forward at impact.

Try to keep weight more on your heels.

Make sure you are not standing too close to
the ball.

Extend arms fully at address.  This will help
make sure that the clubface arrives in the
proper alignment at impact.
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I guess there is nothing that
will get your mind off
everything like golf.  I have
never been depressed
enough to take up the
game, but they say you get
so sore at yourself you
forget to hate your enemies
-- Will Rogers
A great cure for coming over the top is to let your right shoulder (for R/H players)
hitting the ball (in baseball terms) to right field.  Dropping your right shoulder will
free up the club to extend out toward your target and eliminate the possibility of Mr.