BEST TIP: Use a long swing with a loose

Make a long, lazy swing with loose grip and abrupt and
maximum wristcock on backswing.

Take a wide stance, lower handle of club, open the
clubface and tilt the shaft away from the target.

Play ball off left instep with weight on right foot and
hands behind clubhead at impact.
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Golf is a game in which one
endeavors to control a ball
with implements ill adapted
for the purpose -- Woodrow
Lob shots are "feel" shots.  So a couple of important
ingredients for developing feel and having simple,
efficient technique are:
(1) keep your grip pressure soft and constant throughout
the stroke, and
(2) keep your hands quiet.
The weight of the club and the motion of the swing might
cause your wrists to set and release, but the muscles of
your hands and wrists are more passive than active.
Mark Blakemore, PGA Professional
See Mark's instruction site --
www.PGAProfessional com