PUTTER BACK ("yips")

PROBLEM: Some golfers tend to
"freeze" over a putt and have
difficulty taking the putter away
from the ball.

If this ever becomes a problem for you, one
solution is to perform some kind of a "trigger"
action that will get you started.

It can be, for example, a very slight forward
press or downward press with your wrists.

Another possible remedy is to switch to one
of the longer-shafted putters.
To Cure the "yips,"   Take a regular length putter and grip it
with your left hand really low on the shaft below the grip.  Use
your wrist to press the handle against your forearm and keep it
there.  Now add your right hand below the left with an ordinary
ten finger grip.  Keep your head completely still, make sure the
handle is still pressing against your forearm, and use your
shoulders to make the stroke.

I use an open stance and center ball position for this, but you
can experiment with whatever stance and ball position that
works best for you.  Of course you will have to bend over
quite a bit, so find a comfortable stance, but if this hurts your
back, get a longer putter and you will not have to bend over so
far.  If this works for you, consider getting your putter re-gripped
with a much longer grip so your hands do not have to grip the
skinny shaft.
Joe DeLorenzo
Tom's Golf Tips
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