PROBLEM: Clubface is open at impact, causing the ball to
curve to the right.

This is one of the biggest problems for the average golfer.  That's why
there are a lot of tips.

Here are some solutions.

Check you grip to make sure the Vs in both hands are pointing toward
your right shoulder.  

If this doesn’t work, try strengthening your grip by gradually rotating both
hands to the right.

Check you stance to make sure that your feet, knees, hips and shoulders
are parallel to your target line.

During the downswing, try to keep the clubhead along the target line a few
feet before and after impact.

Concentrate on leading the club into the impact area with a straight left
arm and rotate the arm to the left before impact.

Line up ball on the heel of club at address to promote an inside-out

Use a strong grip, light grip pressure and relaxed forearms. This helps
square the clubface at impact.

Grip club in fingers.

Take club straight back on backswing,and change the swing plane to
inside-out on downswing.

To get proper swing feel, pretend that an elastic cord connects your right
elbow to your right hip and your left elbow to your left hip.

On takeaway through downswing, keep your left wrist straight and your
right wrist cupped.

Don’t let your body get ahead of your arms and hands on downswing. Try
to hold your body back.

Square shoulder alignment is critical.  On downswing,
pull down with both arms, as if you’re ringing a bell.

Flatten swing plane.

Transfer weight from top of swing diagonally toward right of target, while
letting right elbow come down.

Keep back towards target longer and delay hipturn on downswing to avoid
outside-in swingpath.

Practice hitting the ball with back to target to get proper feel.

On downswing, swing with arms and hands, not shoulders and body.
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One reason golfers slice is because they don’t release through the ball.  That is, they don’t
allow the forearms and hands to rotate in a counterclockwise direction on the downswing,
which squares the clubface at impact.  To achieve the proper release, think of the motion
needed to turn up a thermostat.  Make a conscious effort to perform this simple counter-
clockwise movement to see your shots going straighter and longer.  
Richard Myers
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