PROBLEM: Your body moves from side to side
during your golfswing.

This can produce some terrible shots because it is very difficult,
after swaying back during the backswing, to bring the clubface
to the ball in the proper alignment.  

Although there is some slight head movement during a swing,
any significant side-to-side (or up-and-down) head movement
should be avoided.

To get the right feel, hit some practice shots with feet together.

During your weight shift, concentrate on keeping the weight on
your right foot on the inside of your foot.

Check your progress by taking practice swings with the sun
behind you and watching your shadow.

Don’t let the clubface get ahead of your hands at impact.
Swaying is a problem that quite a few mid to
high handicappers are faced with.  This
problem is usually caused by NOT holding the
hips in a semi-locked position on the
backswing.   When practicing, try allowing your
hips to turn only 20 or 30 degrees on the
backswing.  This will stop the swaying
and also help with distance.

Steve Bean, Director of Instruction
Menifee Valley Golf School
Tom's Golf Tips
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